Author Topic: Tomorrow it's time to check out if my balance nerve was killed by the injections  (Read 1964 times)


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Hi there,

I just thought I would send an update about the treatment for my balance nerve pre-surgery. Before Christmas I saw the ENT and got two injections through my ear drum that should knock out my balance nerve and I also got a lot of balance exercises that I've been doing. Right now I'm feeling absolutely the same as I've always felt so I'm not doing much of the balance exercises. I was told that the injections would make me very dizzy for some time while my balance nerve on the good side would take over the control of balancing the body. But, to my surprise, I didn't get dizzy at all! I can walk as much and as fast as I want, I can ride my bike and I can drive (also when it's dark) without feeling any dizziness at all.  :) So perhaps the balance nerve wasn't totally knocked out or maybe I was lucky enought to be among those people who don't feel any dizziness at all. I'll see tomorrow what the balance tests show. I really hope that the balance nerve is long gone and that the good side has taken over and that I perhaps won't be suffering from dizziness after my retorsigmoid surgery in March or April. I havn't got a surgery date yet. I get nervous every time I go to get the post...

I'll let you know what the tests showed and what my ENT said about the balance nerve.

Hugs from Helene
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Good luck, Helene!
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I think it is very good news to hear that you can get these injections without feeling a lot of dizziness. That may be encouraging to others who have to contemplate having this treatment. I hope the results of the testing are to your liking!

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