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Try this natural solution to eye infections
« on: January 04, 2009, 06:48:16 pm »
Natural solution to eye infections. I have often accidentally picked up “yesterdays� eye drop vile and used it …always resulting in an eye infection. No matter the cause of any of my eye infections this herbal solution really works! I got this “recipe� from a Homeopathic Book advising herbs for “pinkeye� infections. I have used this for 10 years for my kids, and grandkid as well. These are liquid herbal extracts in a bottle, also known as tinctures. You want to buy the following herbal extracts…I use “Herb Pharm� Brand. You’ll need "Eyebright Nettle�, St. John’s Wort�, and “Calendula�. Keep in mind this is your eye so clean/sterile is important. I start with 3 Tablespoons of warm water (I use tap water) in a clean small juice glass, add 3 drops of each tincture, swirl to mix. Next, on a sterile surface pull apart with clean hands, one cotton ball into 4 smaller pieces, tilt glass to moisten 1 small piece of cotton at a time and squeeze it while wiping from the tear duct end of your eye toward your ear. Do this action one time with each piece of cotton. Repeat several times a day until symptoms disappear(usually 1-3 days). I hope this helps someone! cate