Author Topic: How do you tell your family?  (Read 17204 times)


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Re: How do you tell your family?
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I'm happy to see these posts.  I've always felt a little guilty for not doing more research into other surgeons.  I was given the news from my local ENT, sent to another ENT specialist that he recommened two days later and had surgery four weeks after that.  I had faith in the doctors that I met.  Guess I don't beat Kay for treatment time though.  :-)

Kaye, I have to tell you that I really admire your outlook on life.  I also believe that it's important to be content where you are.  Sometimes I have to remind myself of that fact. 

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Re: How do you tell your family?
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You are sweet, thanks.  I have to remind myself onten too!!

I always tell my girls that (especially the older one) - it was really drilled into my head at church as a young girl/teen about how if your always thinking, "if I can just date, I'll be happy" or "if I can just drive" or "I can't wait to be 21, then I'll be happy" then you miss out on all the wonderful things that are happening where you are right then!

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Re: How do you tell your family?
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Gold Stars for everybody! ** -- For your wealth of knowledge but mostly for being there for all us newbies.


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Re: How do you tell your family?
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Can we get some gold stars for our humor, too?  :D  ;D

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