Author Topic: And it's "not hereditary" ??  (Read 8174 times)


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Re: And it's "not hereditary" ??
« Reply #15 on: November 18, 2008, 07:02:45 am »
*blows LisaP kiss*  :-*

Hi April and welcome. Ah, the Welcome Wagon committee has been on good behavior and proper welcomes, I see. Glad to have you here to help you during this "journey" that we didn't sign up to endure.

I, unfortunately, am in the same boat as LisaP.  Like Lisa, I lost a sister (many  years ago) to malignant childhood astrocytoma and like you, question the relationship of close family members endure tumors as such. I did quiz my docs about doing genetic testing, even though my AN is different in nature to my sister's situation. Honestly, I only know of NF2 (bilateral) as being heriditary (has to do with chromosome 22) but for unilateral AN's to be heridary, I, personally, have not seen info as such. Suggestion would be to inquire to the ANA to see if they have any info on it or try an online search to see if anything is noted.

We're here to help... the support is great... the drinks are watered down...  but, we're here to help.

Again, welcome!

Hi April,

Welcome to the Forum,

I too am I newbie, dx in March of 08, I'm on the "Watch and Wait",  I go back to Boston in Jan of 09 for my 3rd MRI.  You will find a lot of support at this forum,  we are all here for you.

I lost my brother back in October to a Glioblatoma Multiform Grade 4 brain tumor, he was only 49.  The doctors in Boston say there is no connection between my brothers tumor and mine.  I'm 46.

I disagree, I know that they are different kinds and mine is not CA but siblings having brain tumors at the same time????

Keep in touch and best of luck to you and your family,

LisaP :)
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Re: And it's "not hereditary" ??
« Reply #16 on: November 21, 2008, 07:59:53 am »
HI April,
Welcome to the forum and sorry I am so late in greeting you.  You seem like a very together and decisive person and seem to really have a handle on things and besides with all the wonderful advice you've gotten from my fellow forumites, there  isn't much to add.   As others have said, I think you will find our group to be a wonderful source of support and comfort.  Please feel free to ask any questions and vent whenever necessary.  You have a wonderful attitude and that, in my opinion, is half the battle.

Best wishes,

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Re: And it's "not hereditary" ??
« Reply #17 on: November 23, 2008, 07:51:16 am »
*blows LisaP kiss*  :-*

We're here to help... the support is great... the drinks are watered down...  but, we're here to help.

They are ? ... * your fired as the bartender * ;)

my mother has poor hearing too (hearing aids on both sides)... and my AN .. is her worse side.... one of the reasons I never saw a doctor for the hearing loss .. I just assumed it was bad gene's ... it was not until the other issues came in the play that I went for help (balance, ear fullness)

my theory is... I wacked my head really hard as a kid (no bike helmets back then) and piniched the nerve... causing the tumor to slowly grow...
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Re: And it's "not hereditary" ??
« Reply #18 on: November 23, 2008, 07:09:01 pm »
You know, I wondered about the watered down drinks comment, also  ???

Phyl -  have you been holding out on us  ???

Makes me wonder what else you haven't been telling us  :D ;)

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