Author Topic: Natural remedies for hearing loss  (Read 1661 times)


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Natural remedies for hearing loss
« on: September 15, 2008, 11:47:35 am »

Just wanted to pass along a link to an article that summarizes some of the natural remedies for tinnutis.

Hope it helps somebody!

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Re: Natural remedies for hearing loss
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2008, 06:54:42 am »
Hi Eve,
Thanks for the article.  I don't have a problem with tinnitus myself -- just lucky I guess.  My  sister and her husband both suffer from tinnitus -- his is worse than hers and neither has had this problem check out yet, although they are going to, they tell me and soon I hope.  I'm hoping htis article will give them the push they need.

Thanks again,
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