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advice for double vision...
« on: July 02, 2008, 08:31:50 pm »
hi all,

I am one month post surgery and along with facial paralysis (left) i have double vision which is really nasty.

I did "see" and opthomolgist 2 weeks ago and she said wear an eye patch (duh.... i was wearing one already!). I am wondering...

do you know, or have you been told ...

- does wearing a patch make it harder for eyes to sort themselves out?

- how long does it take for this to fix (if not in the first few days), or does it?

- is there anything else i could try to deal with this, correct it?


Left 2.9cm CP Angle AN discovered Jan 2008. Retrosig surgery June 2, 2008 Toronto, Canada. Facial paralysis and numbness, double vision (4th nerve), SSD. DV totally recovered in 4th month; palsy started to recover slowly around month 7. Had twin boys 13 months after surgery. Doing great.