Author Topic: What is NF2? ANA surgery 2000  (Read 3291 times)


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What is NF2? ANA surgery 2000
« on: November 01, 2007, 10:34:08 pm »
It has been awhile since I've visited this site.  I was 30 years young when I had my AN surgery.  8.5 years later brain MRI's are showing no change, but am having issues with possible nerve damage in my feet and legs, with pain reaching up to my lower back.  I am wondering if there is a possible link to my AN.  I am realizing once again, that I must be my own health advocate in finding the sorce of the problem, as it took me many years before being diagnosed with Acoustic Neoroma.  Thanks in advance for your help.
Lisa in Michigan


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Re: What is NF2? ANA surgery 2000
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2007, 07:01:18 am »
Lisa- I am an NF2. If their is no change in your MRI's after 8.5 years I would say it is not related too your AN. Nerve damage can be caused by compression of nerves in your Spinal Column. If this is a concern for you-you can have a nerve test of your feet to try too locate what is going on-it is a nerve Conduction Test. They do Electrical Simulation of your Nerves going too your feet. Can also have a Spinal MRI if need be. My feet are always numb-and yes some is due to being an NF2. This is a genetic disease that can cause tumors to appear or happen in any part of the body. Some are confined to the Spinal Cord while other's are confined to the Brain-and then you will have Bilateral AN's. I hope this addresses your concerns. I put this as briefly as possible. Hope you resolve what is causing your numb feet. Thanks-Ron


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Re: What is NF2? ANA surgery 2000
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2007, 09:17:19 am »
Lisa -

don't know if your problem is AN-related or not, but my mother has something like this and she's never had an AN.

In her case, her doctors tell her it's neuropathy.  She's many years older than you (70) but I don't know if neuropathy is age-related.  I'm sure if you did a web search on it, you could find more information.

Best of luck,   

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