Author Topic: A web site to find out how many years experience a Dr has at AN surgery??  (Read 4532 times)


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 ??? Morning all, Can someone steer me to a web page to find out how many years and translab surgerys a Dr. would have? I am going to get three different opinions about what I was told about my tumor and really want to check out the Drs. before I go to them. Thanks for the help an all have a great day.


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Hi Razor,

I, personally, am not aware of such a site, but I do know you can go to websites for your State Board of Registration of Physicians in Medicine to see a dr's backround/specialties, publications and such... and personally, I would ask the dr directly for patient references for those he/she has done that have had the translab procedure for a first hand account......  just a thought. Maybe someone else here knows of such a website and hope they are able to help.

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I came across one a long time ago that listed neurosurgeons and how many sugeries they had done a year.  Also, a doctor will not give you patient names the best you can do is ask to have the patient contact if they are interested in speaking to you.  Wonderful Hippa laws.


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razar ,
through you can get dcotors report stating in which they completed their residency , how many years of experience they had and what is the average experience of neuro surgeon in uSA etc.

I already too report about notable doctors in NYC. and the doctors in house ear clinic.

Let me know for further information


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Each state has various degrees of info on their docs...for example Virginia has the following:

I'd suggest going to your state government site and start there to find info on docs in your state.

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Not aware of any websites, but how about asking the doctors themselves?  If you are going to be comfortable enough to have one of them treat you, you should be comfortable enough to ask those questions.  I don't know any doctor who would hesitate to give you honest answers, but I could be wrong.  Just a thought.

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