Author Topic: Had hearing right after surgery... gone now (4 weeks)... could it come back  (Read 3179 times)


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Hi all,
     I had a middle fossa surgery 5 1/2 weeks ago.  The doctors tested and I did have hearing in that ear right after surgery ( I answered questions for them... which I hardly remember).  Then 2 days after surgery I heard the doctor make noise by my AN ear again.   At my hearing test  4 weeks after surgery I could not undersand the hearing test person saying words in the AN ear headphone...  only garbled sound.  4 days after that I could no longer even hear a sound in that ear when I washed my hair (until then I could). 
     Well, fellow AN surgery friends,  have any of you regained hearing several weeks/months later in your AN ear after not having it for a while?  My neurosurgeon said he only has a couple patients who have regained hearing in a similar situation.  He thinks maybe my hearing nerve 'stroked'  because the nerve looked great at surgery time.  Just wondering if there is any chance at all.....   Thanks, Margaret

 4 mm  AN removed .. middle fossa   5/07 OHSU  Dr. Delashaw
AN scraped off facial nerve & balance nerve removed
 MRI  follow up showed AN gone ... thank you God
Some facial paralysis- . SSD weeks after surgery.  Trans-Ear Nov.2007 ... it really helps !


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Hi Margaret, I can only tell you what happend to me after my surgery.  I also could hear or thought I was hearing right after surgery.  I could talk on a cell phone and understand what was being said on my an ear.  I did lose my hearing in my an ear a few weeks after I was home from the hospital.  It was very hard to accept this and I was told the same thing, it usually does not come back.  It slowly left.  I don't know why.  My doctor told me after my surgery that he made it 80% through my surgery when my hearing was lost, but even after I came home I knew I could still hear a little.  It was hard, but I could hear and make out the words, But that isn't what happened.  After the hearing test it was evident that I was hearing from my good ear.  I do hope your's comes back.  I just wanted to let you know my experience and what  my outcome was.  I will be thinking of you, BB


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Marg my experience was I had no hearing going into surgery, could hear some for a brief period after, at my adiogram a few months after surgery My an ear was flat.  Nothing nada zilch. My last audiogram showed I have a teeny tiny bit of hearing but not serviceable. I was told by an adiologist and a hearing aid specialist it could take up to two years to truly know what I will have. Since I didn't have any going in I sure don't think it will come back. Have you talked to your doc?