Author Topic: Post Gamma (3 years) and balance issues  (Read 4197 times)


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Post Gamma (3 years) and balance issues
« on: May 09, 2007, 05:27:43 pm »
Hi to everyone!

As the subject says, it's been 3 years post gamma (Dr. Noren) and went through the expected balance issues.  As of my last MRI, tumor was skrinking (yes!).  Anyway, luckily for me the last year has been sympton free....HOWEVER, I went to a conference about two weeks ago and really exerted my vestibular system to the max.  Listening to speakers in crowded rooms, studying in the evening, bright lights, too much sitting in conference rooms and not much activity and really bad hotel food (maybe the bad food is what brought on the attack ;). Then, on the ariplane coming home the pilot (a.k.a., cowboy)s eemed like he wanted to land the plane very fast.... fast . Ugh..... I was fine for three days and then POW! major nausea, imbalance, hearing problems, etc.  Everytime I overdo it, I get the balance issues a few days after the fact...always has been that way.  

I guess I'm just looking for support, before I get myself into trouble with troublesome and negative thoughts.  Just when I was tricked into thinking my balance was great.....I was horribly reminded that it's not.  Any thoughts from anyone who has experienced this long after gamma and tumor shrinkage would be appreciated.

Oh, btw, I scheduled an appoint with my Vestibular Physical Therapist.  I told her that I needed a tune- up! Also, I'm starting Tai Chi on Friday.

I'm thankful that this site exists for us AN people. Thank you, everyone.



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Re: Post Gamma (3 years) and balance issues
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2007, 08:37:54 pm »
Oh yes, welcome to my club.  I am 2 1/2 years post linac.  Still use a cane, drive very little and cannot tolerate being in rooms with alot of people.  And stress along with fatigue is a recipe for balance issues to resurface.  Just when you think you are finally, finally out of the woods, that darn little tumor rears it's ugly head to remind you to listen to it and to slow down, listen and go back for a "tune-up."  It makes me angry but things could be worse.  At least you know what you have to do to turn the situation around .  I know now that my situation will not change but the time it takes to come back to my ground-zero is shorter and I am much more willing to accept this situation and just so what it takes.  The nausea that I experience, like yourself, at times can be incredulous.  In fact that is usually sypmtom number one for me and then I begin to sway.  You are definitely not alone and I am actually glad to know that I am not alone.  We are all in this together.  I am grateful to this site because it is a wealth of information and it gives me a place to express my feelings, ask for help and maybe help others in doing so.  I am glad to read your post tonight.  Good luck.  I'll be interested in your progress.  Holly   
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Re: Post Gamma (3 years) and balance issues
« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2007, 01:01:21 pm »
I go exactly with your experiance - everytime you push the boundaries
an aftershock results. If you are fit and well the clue is to push harder
 and more often (safetly, in stages )
- given certain recovery times the body will adjust
and the "limit" is extended further.
Basically the body re-learns,  and gets better
Yes a bit of pain (and alot of exhaustion !) along the way for sure
but believe me its.... worth it
The quality of life is so much improved as a result
Good Luck - and dont overdo it


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Re: Post Gamma (3 years) and balance issues
« Reply #3 on: May 25, 2007, 08:03:15 am »
  I'll be interested to hear how your Vestibular Therapy "tune-up" goes.  I've been considering doing the same thing.
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