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Headaches and wave feeling in head
« on: May 04, 2007, 07:41:18 am »
    Prior to FSR 25 treatments in nov-dec of 2005, I didn't get headaches.  Day one of treatment I started mild to medium headaches which are chronic.  Also from day one of radiation I get a feeling in my head like a wave moving or a worm moving.  Drs. seem to think its positional or neck related.  I haave neck problems for the last 20 yrs and never had headaches or this wave feeling in my head.  I can lie down for 2 hrs and it only happens on the moment I'm falling asleep.  I get chills in my body and head right before I get this brain movement most times, but not always.  Is there anyone else who has come across this feeling in their head .                                                                                       

6mm x 8mm left AN FSR 26 treatments Nov.-Dec.2005
MD Anderson Orlando, Fl.