Author Topic: Top 'Neurotology surgeon & 'Neuro surgeon' in US, with massive exp. in AN  (Read 3605 times)


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December 2006, I was diagnosed with acoustic neuroma in left side. I had a hearing loss in the ear. Only 20% hearing left in that ear. I am a software engineer of 42 years old. Tumor size is XXXXXXXXX
Still I could digest /convince my self, I had a tumor in my head

I live in Connecticut.

I met
DR. Philip E stieg ( neuro surgeon) , Samuel Selesnick (otolaryngology)  in new york presibitarian hospital of NYC.

Dr. kalmon post (neuro surgeon), sujana Chandra sekhar( neurotologist) in Mount Sinai hospital of NYC

Couple of days ago I spoke to Dr. Brackmann (Otoloryngology) and Dr. Hitselberger (neuro surgeon) on phone of house Ear Clinic of Los angeles. I mailed out my MRI CD to them.

All these doctors suggested surgery inclusive of Dr. Brackmann (Otoloryngology) and Dr. Hitselberger , because of my age and tumor size.

I took paid member ship in and, which will display state wise best doctors.( if any body want to know the top doctors in  a particular state, I can provide that information)

I took complete doctors profile related to few doctors through
( If any body want these reports I can email them)

1) I want to know the Top 2 doctors in neurotology and top 2 doctors in neuro surgery in the US ( what I sthe source to find) , not on the basis of state wise, who will do exclusively or majority of Acoustic neuromas. I do not want to keep insurance barrier or location barrier. I am ready to spend money. My hearing preservation is also very important for me. I want to make sure I am going to top notch surgeon in the US , so that chances of preserving my Hearing or chances of saving my nerves including auditory nerve will be more.

2) How practical it is to travel to a location which is more than 3 hours drive from the living place. Because in this forum , I Read that few guys traveled from east cost to west coast ( House ear Clinic, Los angeles)

Please help me