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Easing post-surgery stress
« on: February 19, 2007, 09:33:48 am »
Having had the retrosimoid approach on my left side to remove a 1.5cm AN in 1/2005, I can relate to the many symptoms people have after surgery.  I cannot hear out of my left ear.  I would like to share some of my approaches to helping in my healing process.  NECK TENSION:  Once the stitches were removed I began massaging the muscles around and near the incision to create stimulation/circulation which brings healing.  I would place my finger tips on the scar and with gentle pressure move the skin in a back and forth movement until the entire length of scar was massaged.  This technique reduces scar tissue, keeping the skin and muscles supple and aided in pain management of the scar.  I also included the entire scalp, temples, facial muscles and jaw area.  When I got the 6-weeks all is well I started back slowly with yoga.  STRESS:  Gently stretching and contracting all muscle groups including stretching and contracting the neck and shoulder area.  HEADACHES:  I experienced daily headaches so, I kept my head and heart on the same plane employing yoga postures that were more restorative in nature.  Deep breathing techniques help to ease anxiety.  I use ibuprofen when the headache is not caused by muscles tension.  I am able to discern the difference and when I start to see flashes of light I will begin with ibuprofen and depending on how soon I attack this I can ward off full-blown, migraine-like pain that can last for 3 days.  My daily headaches are now twice montly.  I am beginning to notice a "heartbeat and fluttering" sensation/sound in the good ear and within a day or so migraine-like pain starts.  DRY EYES:  For dry eyes when needed I use Genteal gel.  I apply before bed and in the morning while sitting in my comfy chair sipping coffee.  Can't do much in the morning regarding watching TV or reading until the "blurryness" subsides.  This usually takes two cups of coffee and then I'm good to go.  The dry eyes come and go now with more time in between each episode.  I haven't found out why my left lower eyelid twitches though.  ONE-SIDED HEARING:  My good ear is very sensitive to noise and it wasn't until I used an ear plug that I discovered the stress it created.  I drive a convertible--noisy; Home Depot, grocery store loud speakers, household motorized equipment all were hurting my ear.  I also found while in a restaurant with my husband I could hear him better with the plug in?!  Probably cuts the background music/conversation noise.  I am now experiencing fullness, popping, pressure changes and at times, level of tone decreases.  Don't know if this is all a part of nystagmus or a sympathetic response to the opposite side where surgery was performed.  Along with keeping up my vestibular re-hab exercises I feel better knowing I can ease some of my pain/symptoms and it feels good to be helping myself again not relying so much on my husband, bless him.  Hope this helps those that inquire about their sypmtoms.  I believe being pro-active in anything important to you gives one the advantage. 
1/05 Retrosigmoid 1.5cm AN left ear, SSD
2/08 Labyrinthectomy left ear 
Dr. Patrick Antonelli Shands at University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
12/09 diagnosis of semicircular canal dehiscence right ear