Author Topic: bioflavonoids and carrots for dizziness and vertigo, maybe anti-tumor properties  (Read 645 times)


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I had a helpful (and free!) second opinion with Dr. Slattery at House Clinic last week; what a wonderful resource. Thanks to Ken Posner, ANA peer mentor, for that advice. Dr. Slattery recommended taking Lipo Bioflavonoids for my balance/dizziness,occasional vertigo, which I will be starting to take today, along with the balance therapy which I've been doing for several weeks (some success to date). I just saw this study, and thought I'd share it, as it seems carrots may show some anti-tumor effects, (as well as anti-inflammatory ones).

 I am moving toward SRS, but also pursuing any and all reasonable steps to increase my nerve health,and  preserve what hearing I can, for as long as I can.


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Thank you for this. We actually juice veggies before breakfast every morning- including carrots! I will look into bioflavanoids. I take LDN (low dose naltrexone), SPM resolvins, bromelain and some days fucoidan and full spectrum CBD at bedtime or melatonin. All are anti inlammatory. I was told by Prof Maruto that the PAK-1 pathway is good to work on too for AN - he recommended hibiscus tea and fucoidan -  . I have good hearing - am almost 5 years out from 3x CK. I feel good. I had some bad nerve pain on that side- but it turned out I had TMJ disorder so now wear a dental night guard and no more pain. Am post Covid 8 months but feeling good. I also beleive in cold therapy- swim in sea, 20 second cold shower, cold pack to back of neck. I do protect my hearing with earplugs if going out ( I keep a pair in bag always in case). The LDN is 0.25mg compounded with PEA and I take it at lunch time.
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