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Caresource - Marketplace Insurance
« on: December 07, 2023, 08:23:33 pm »
My insurance is Caresource via Marketplace.  Wondering if surgical centers such as UC San Diego, House Clinic accept Caresource or other Marketplace insurance plans.

Would be interested in hearing from anyone who has insurance coverage through Marketplace - especially Caresource.

I developed unilateral (left ear) tinnitus in July. Initially thought is was side effect of new vasomotor medication, Veozah, which i had started 8 days prior to onset of tinnitus. Veozah is a selective Neurokinin B receptor ligand which binds to NKB receptors sites on KNDY neurons in the hypothalmus.  Tinnitus remained despite stopping Veozah in mid July. 

I had a hearing test last week which showed moderate hearing loss in effected ear.  Hearing loss could be from earlier ear drum perforation which occurred two decades ago (from a bad sinus infection, blowing my nose repeatedly). 

My ENT appointment is not until Jan. 16th.  At this point I have no further testing, imaging, or diagnosis but am preparing for the worst in the event it is an acoustic neuroma or other type of tumor. 

I live in Indiana and am self employed, working part time from home.  My husband is retired so I do not have a lot of options in terms of insurance.  Our combined income and assets disqualifies us from state plans like Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP)/

All responses and advice greatly appreciated.


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Re: Caresource - Marketplace Insurance
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2023, 02:56:42 pm »
First of all, welcome to the ANA Forums, mpdeem, and thank you for your first post!

I have no experience with Caresource, but I see that no one has responded yet to your post.  But the information you learn will be crucial for others who may have Caresource later and are unsure of its coverage.  My recommendation is that you let us know what you find out on January 16.  In the meantime, try not to imagine the worst outcomes (Yes, I know that's easier said than done because fear drives us to think of all the terrible things it can be).  A lot of people have dreaded something terrible, only to have it be something more minor.  And, as you said, your hearing loss could have been from your ear drum perforation two decades ago.  And tinnitus affects a lot of people, simply as they become older.  But you are very smart in having it checked, just to make sure it is not something more serious.  But try not to lose sleep over all the terrible possibilities.  None of them may be real.

But if you find out that you do have an acoustic neuroma, first, be assured that many of us on these forums live fairly normal lives despite the diagnosis.  We have challenges, for sure, but we have learned to appreciate life in ways that many others might not.  Some might even say that, in some ways, our lives have even improved since developing the acoustic neuroma.  Not everyone would say that, of course, but I have come to believe that there are a lot worse things I could have instead.

If you do have an acoustic neuroma, then I advise you to contact UC San Diego, House Clinic (if that is your first choice), and ask them if they accept Caresource.  Their insurance specialist should be able to check that for you.  And if House does not accept it, I am sure there are other reputable care centers that do.  You might even check with the ANA Indianapolis user group.  There might be someone else from Indiana who has Caresource coverage and could tell you where they went and what they did.

Again, thank you for posting!  And best wishes on your journey!
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