Author Topic: Does ANYONE know ANYTHING about the team at Oyster Point for South San Francisco  (Read 451 times)


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Hi to all. Does anyone know anything about the 4-5 doctor team at Oyster Point related to South San Francisco Kaiser? In a couple weeks I have to drive 4-5 hours to meet with 1. Then I go to Redwood City Kaiser for another MRI and CT scan. Then I make another appointment for the CK over 3 days straight, I have to rent expensive Hotel 3 nights. I've seen some of the doctor's names come up in discussions but I don't want to post their names w/o their permission. All the doctors say this is my last chance for CK therapy. 1.6x1.8x1.6. right side. I'd like to try Middle Fossa to save hearing, seems successful per people on here who have had it. They say 50-60 % chance of some, perhaps all, hearing loss on right side.


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Hi BigJoeBass48,

Thanks for your post.  You can type the doc's names in the search box and see if any results come up. 

There is a healthcare provider listing on the ANA website and you can search by state/name/location.

If you would like to connect with some local volunteers that had CK and/or middle fossa, please contact us and we would glad to help you.

I hope this is helpful -