Author Topic: Gamma Knife cancelled due to Coronavirus  (Read 920 times)


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Gamma Knife cancelled due to Coronavirus
« on: March 20, 2020, 05:15:08 pm »
Hi all,

My Gamma Knife treatment was scheduled for 3/30/20 at MD Anderson Cancer Center. It was only 10 days away. I was ready and already asked for several days off from work. But I was disappointed to find out yesterday that it was cancelled due to the Coronavirus. Anyway, I'm 54 years old and was diagnosed with Accoustic Neuroma in 11/2019. My tumor is 21mm x 11mm x 9mm. I talked to Dr. Chang at Texas ENT, Dr. Demonte and Dr. Giddley at MD Anderson. Dr. Chang said I would lose my hearing immediately with the Retrosigmoid approach. Dr. Demonte said there was an 80% chance I would lose my hearing also with the Retrosigmoid approach. Dr. Giddley said he would perform Middle Fossa and there was 40% I would lose my hearing. To my surprise none of them pushed me for the surgery. The doctors at MD Anderson were actually leaning toward watch and wait. But I decided to have the radiosurgery and wanted to get it done in February or early March. But Dr. Chung and Dr. Demonte were too busy. I asked Dr. Demonte if he would use the mask instead of the frame and he said the frame does a better job at holding the head still and that's what he's going to use. Dr. Chung said the same thing. She also said she actually participated in the development of the mask. So I'm kind of disappointed because that was one of reasons I chose MD Anderson knowing that they have the new Econ machine that can work with the mask. My insurance has a high deductible of $2800 and I already met my deductible for the year in just the first two months of the year because of many appointments and tests. I hope this Coronavirus thing will go away soon so I can have the treatment.
11/2019: diagnosed - 19mm x 9mm x 10mm
07/2020: Gamma Knife - 21mm x 9mm x 11mm


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Re: Gamma Knife cancelled due to Coronavirus
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2020, 09:45:24 am »
It is frustrating but a reality we have to face. You don't want to be in a healthcare setting right now unless absolutely necessary. Since your NS are encouraging watch and wait it should still be ok to put it off but still aggravating!! I had GK last February (2019) for a 2.1 mm AN (just about the overall size of yours). I had a rough year with balance and other issues. I had intensive PT. That is another healthcare area/office you can avoid by putting this off). At my 1 year MRI it was noted that my tumor is shrinking. The NS was delighted as he didn't expect any shrinkage for some time. We were hoping for no growth but certainly did better than that.  I was to have a BAHA hearing system placed on Feb 17th but I cancelled it due to the Covid 19. Just don't want to be in a surgical center or hospital right now. That was also frustrating. This will pass but it will be longer than any of us wish. It is ridiculous to say don't worry but it is the best plan right now. Take care!