Author Topic: Vision issues: Neuro vision rehab and work-around for computer screen nausea  (Read 1253 times)


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Hi to all,
I have been suffering from vision issues post-op from AN surgery, and from a related forum topic I think I'm not alone.  I started vestibular rehab as soon after surgery as I was allowed to, and this seems to be the main place people are sent with visual issues.  It helped a lot with my balance and some with my visual issues, but I was impatient because my visual issues were preventing me from returning to work.  Looking at a computer screen causes nausea and headaches, and being a PhD student trying to write up my dissertation, I need to be able to use the computer.  Bothering my vestibular therapist and neurologist with a million questions I found out about neurological vision rehab, a rehab I didn't know existed.  I got an evaluation, and sure enough, my eyes were not tracking exactly together and various other things were neurologically going wrong.  Turns out this is also the reason I was having a lot of trouble finding items in a cluttered drawer.  I have been in vision rehab for about 6 months and have made a lot of progress.  Now I can look at the computer for 2.5 hours per day, but this still isn't enough, I want to stare at it all day!  While I'm waiting on the vision rehab to finish resolving my issues I found a work-around that might help other people too.  I can't look at the screen for more than 2.5 hours, if I use a projector I can look at the projected image much longer!  I told my vision therapist and eye doctor and they said this makes sense, but I never understood the explanation why, I just know that it works!  I hope this helps others, and if anyone else has some vision issue solutions that have worked, please share.
1.8cm AN diagnosed 27 Dec 2018, complete removal via translab 11 Feb 2019, previous history of TBI on same side