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UC-San Diego
« on: December 05, 2019, 07:22:33 pm »
Just found out yesterday I have an AN.  I don’t really have a “team” yet.  Not even an ENT as I’ve had to gather all the evidence myself so far because the soonest appointment I could get with an ENT was May.  I knew it couldn’t wait.  Honestly, I was so scared before the MRI because my GP was being very dismissive as I was having to educate him on what the audiologist report meant.  He’s a nurse practitioner, bless him.  Being right about a brain tumor sounds dumb to be proud of, but by being so, I’m not as upset emotionally today.  So, I live in Hawaii and do not want surgery here as my experience with medical support has not been outstanding thus far.  My biggest goal is facial nerve preservation as I work with children and I will admit I just don’t want my face to change.  Could anyone share their experience with UC-SD?  Thank you!!