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« on: November 03, 2019, 01:43:44 pm »
Hello everyone - I am booked to have a retrolab done in early December.  I have become comfortable with this technique to possibly save some hearing, extract all of the tumor, and possibly switch to translab mid-way through the procedure if necessary if the Dr. finds hearing cannot be preserved.  The literature available is scant, but I don't see any inordinate risks relative to other methods.  I was initially looking at middle fossa, but my tumor is actively growing and has grown to a size that makes that option less safe, and I am not comfortable with any Dr. not being able to see that artery very well.  I realize they work with alarms, but even a .01% chance of a bleed is not worth it.  I am also heavily reliant on my right hand in my work, and the retraction of the brain for middle fossa is scary for me (left side tumor).  I realize some doctors will say middle fossa is the only way to go for my size tumor (1.4mm), but there are big risks that make me lean away from middle fossa. 

Has anyone here had retrolab or considered it?  Outcomes?  Thank you for any input you may have.
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