Author Topic: Is tinnitus that gets louder whenever I nod my head indicative of AN?  (Read 617 times)


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Hi AN forums

Since 2009 I've been having symptoms in abscence of hearing loss . my symptoms started off with extreme debilitating vertigo episodes and then shortly after tinnitus started in my right ear but it was mild and just one noise. fast forward to 2019 there are now three different noises in my right ear that are extremely loud, my computer fan is 30 dB and i can still hear them over my computer fan . 95% of the time whenever doctors look at my right (bad) ear the pressure in it is either too low or too high even if there is no visible fluid. pressure sometimes causes very severe sudden ear pain & i get these sudden ice pick headaches behind my ear or just above it.

recently i noticed that the tinnitus gets 3x louder whenever my head is accelerating in a certain way , for example if i nod my head. if i were to run on the spot with earplugs i'd hear ''wub wub wub wub'' whenever i was bouncing up and down . i always sleep on my left side and i notice that when i wake up the tinnitus is either gone or very mild, but when i physically get up it starts to come back again . i feel like i am walking on a boat and cannot do that tightrope walk thing with my eyes closed without falling over instantly so my balance is also greatly affected but i no longer get vertigo episodes .

i had an MRI on the 23rd of ''inner ear meatus'' & not sure if this will show AN. It was without contrast.