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Re: Just diagnosed on Wednesday and Google has not been my friend...
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Hi Brooke...welcome to the club no one wants to belong to. You are in good company. DO NOT FREAK OUT. Easier said than done. Contact ANA (you found this forum, hopefully you have signed up for your free info..)

The internet is scarey because even though there are WAY MORE success stories where folks get treated (or decide to W&W) and go on with their lives, there are those with less than optimal outcomes who are still looking for answers. We are here to support and encourage everyone.

You can look and ask for what you need here.


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Re: Just diagnosed on Wednesday and Google has not been my friend...
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Oh Brook. So sorry. I was 38 when I was diagnosed. I probably had one of the worst outcomes, but I can tell you (19years later) that I got through it, with many years of challenges, even had re-growth, and I am fine now. My two daughters grew up fine. I've definitely adjusted to the new me. But I will empathize with you that the anxiety is real and big and scary. But you will make it. Life is full of surprises, some not so good, and it amazes me that we survive them!
4 cm AN removed 12/2000
subsequent brain swelling
removal of part of cerebellum
face, scalp,tongue numbness and partial paralysis
no corneal sensation and no tears-frequent eye issues
cognitive issues
Regrowth (3.1 x ..86 cm) treated by SRS on November 6, 2015