Author Topic: Sex / orgasm headaches & dhiarhea headaches - post op  (Read 4476 times)

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Sex / orgasm headaches & dhiarhea headaches - post op
« on: January 09, 2019, 02:21:30 am »
Sex / orgasm headache
I had surgery in Aug. Then infection with surgery in Sept and in,Dec had mastoidecromy due to further infection.  Now Jan.  Everything was fine until,recently,started getting "orgasim" "suicidal headaches when I become sexually excited or have dhiarhea (odd I know).  Has this happened to,anyone else shortly after post ok?


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Re: Sex / orgasm headaches & dhiarhea headaches - post op
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2019, 07:08:40 pm »
So, kinda yes. In first few months after surgery, headaches following orgasm were not unusual.

Now, headaches associated with diarrhea  not so clear cut. It was/is more complex than just "diarrhea and then headache"  because the situation would also be accompanied by an urgent need to vomit aggressively. This actually occurred a year or two before surgery and then has occurred multiple times in the nine years since surgery. The docs had no idea what this was. After much research on my part, I decided it was likely caused by tumor's interaction with the vagus nerve, which is the 10th cranial nerve and wanders throughout the body. I proposed this explanation to my surgeon and he agreed it seemed likely, he just had not seen this before.

If you google "vagus nerve problems" you may find a number of issues that sound familiar.

I hope this is helpful.

Bob the tumor: 4.4cm x 3.9cm x 4.1 cm.
Trans-Lab and Retro-sigmoid at MCV on 2/12/2010.

Removed 90-95% in a 32 hour surgery. Two weeks in ICU.  SSD Left.

BAHA implant 1/25/11.

28 Sessions of FSR @ MCV ended 2/9/12.


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Re: Sex / orgasm headaches & dhiarhea headaches - post op
« Reply #2 on: January 26, 2020, 12:28:54 pm »
Sorry to see someone else has this as well but I feel less crazy knowing someone else does.
This is no pun, a touchy subject that I have found no doctor willing to seriously entertain.

It is "suicide pain" for me during the 3 S's... sex, sneezing and sh.. going to bathroom. ???
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