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Driving Problems
« on: November 01, 2018, 02:02:00 pm »
It has been 3 years since my Mom's acoustic neuroma surgery.  Her acoustic neuroma is on her right side.  The surgeon removed part of the cyst that was pushing into her brain.  She also had radiation to stop the tumor from growing.

She has recovered well.  She is able to write clearly again.  Her balance is a little off still, but much, much improved.  She had difficulty with coordination of her body and mind.  (ie. She was unable to dial a phone correctly.  She'd think about dialing the numbers, but her hand wouldn't follow through.)  To date, she is able to coordinate and seldom needs to think about it. 

The main issue she is having is being able to drive again.  My sister and I have taken her driving.  She still has difficulty parking in spaces on the right side (left side is okay), right turns are too wide, and stopping too soon.

Has anyone experienced this?  Her doctor told her that certain pathways to her brain were cut during surgery.  He said that in time she will build other pathways.  Could she need to build the pathways to drive?  Are there exercises to do so in driving?  Any suggestions.  Thank you.
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