Author Topic: Could drug store reading glasses be contributing to post GK headaches?  (Read 4512 times)


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The first few days after GK, I felt pretty good.  For about a week after that, I've felt pretty crappy.

I heard one doc says something about the tumor shedding cells as it dies and that can make a person feel crappy after GK for a while.

Reading glasses from the drug store... bad?  They didn't have a negative effect before but I think they may be now.  Coincidence or paranoid?

To be safe, I'll go the eye doc and get prescription readers to be safe.  Also, I haven't started working with the vestibular rehab therapist yet.  Does anybody out there have experience pro or con about this type of therapy?
March 1, 2018 - Hearing loss left side, acute vertigo
March 2, 2018 - MRI show 13 x 7 mm AN (probably growing)
May 2018 - ENT/audiologist indicate 100% hearing loss on left side is permanent
June 29, 2018 -  GK at Wake Forest in NC
Dec.2018 -  MRI shows zero growth
Jan.2020 MRI shows tumor shrinking