Author Topic: I was diagnosed with AN early December; Can't meet surgeon until February  (Read 1884 times)


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I met with my doctor toward the beginning of December to find out that the reason I've been having hearing loss on my right side is because of a 2.6cm AN. The MRI shows that the tumor is starting to press against my brain stem.  They are referring me out to a neurotologist, but I won't be able to meet with him to discuss options/schedule a surgery until February due to the neurotologist's busy schedule.  Is it normal to wait nearly two months after the diagnosis to have an initial meeting with the surgeon?  From reading this forum, it seems a lot of people actually have the surgery ~a month after their diagnosis.  I won't even be meeting my surgeon to discuss the possibility of surgery until 2 months post-diagnosis.  Should I be concerned?


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Re: I was diagnosed with AN early December; Can't meet surgeon until February
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AN's are usually slow growing tumors, 1 or 2 mm's a year. But I can understand your concern. There must be more than one ENT specialist in your area. Have you looked for an experienced AN surgeon in your state? Experience is the most important factor in deciding on course of treatment. At 2.6 cm you have options, surgery may or not be your best one.
Try for a couple opinions. Many people travel for treatment at high volume AN centers like House in CA or Barrow in Phoenix. Travel is not necessary for good care, and many centers offer free evaluation if you send your MRI to them. This board has many such suggestions on these topics. You have time to find the doctor/s you have the most confidence in.
Good luck
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Re: I was diagnosed with AN early December; Can't meet surgeon until February
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Hi and welcome,,
I agree with LakeErie’s valid points and suggestions,, you can send a copy of your MRI out to House Clinic in Los Angeles for a complementary phone consult which is VERY helpful in your research and decision making. I did this and it was very informative and Dr Slattery was wonderful and caring.

I don’t know what part of the State you are in however there are experienced doctors at Gainesville and Miami that I have read about on here.

It is hard to wait for that appointment but you will have some time to research and gather questions you want  to ask. Try to take someone with you also who can help listen and maybe take notes for you. It’s very helpful,,,

Good luck,, and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!
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