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Re: gold weight and MRI
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Joan,  Yes, there is usually someone with worse issues but that doesn't mean our issues don't merit concern and an occasional pity party, we still have to deal with things we certainly wish we didn't have to. 

Your eye has been gritty and you close it for comfort but the eye doctor says all is good?  You shouldn't have to close your eye to feel okay.  As you mentioned about the facial swelling, doctor seems to not know how to help with that, perhaps doesn't know how to help with your need to close your eye.  I could be wrong but it seems like it's time to check with another eye doctor.  Also time to look into a contact lens as you mentioned you are going to do.  It doesn't mean your eye doctor isn't a good doctor it just might be that the doctor doesn't usually work with patients like you.  I REALLY LIKE my first eye doctor but as he said, "I can't help you."
I can't help you with the facial swelling, never had that problem.

Goodluck, Jill ;)
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