Author Topic: Facial spasms and momentary lock  (Read 914 times)


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Facial spasms and momentary lock
« on: November 09, 2017, 10:43:25 pm »
I had surgery in Feb 2015 and had 99 per cent of my AN removed from my right side. Then the two small rinds that were left had a rapid growth 6 months later but has had no remarkable growth since then. My AN is still relativley small especially when measured against the original AN and I have been in watch and wait. This past week, for the very first time, the left side of my face has been having spasms and a few times it felt liked my facial muscles locked for a moment, sorta like getting a calf spasm. Has anyone else experienced this 2 and a half years after retrosigmoid surgery. Thanks for the information in advance