Author Topic: Starting to get facial numbness after 1 yr post RS  (Read 1019 times)


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Starting to get facial numbness after 1 yr post RS
« on: October 10, 2017, 01:50:52 pm »

Guys, I'm kinda worried. Last year I did RS. Dr. Sisti seemed pretty good, he got most of the tumor including some inside the IAC. This was last November. Now is Oct time and I'm starting to feel symptoms again. I got an MRI in August and the result and the Dr. (D'Ambrosio who used to be Dr. Sisti's residence) said that the remaining tumor had no change from my MRI in February.

I was trying out a hearing aid last week, and got nausea on the 3rd day of usage so I stopped it. I have been starting to feel some facial numbness the past few days, and tongue has metallic tastes at the back on the AN side.

My suspicion is that there are some micro-changes happening in the IAC, maybe the tumor is starting to crowd out the IAC again and it is not too visible or obvious in the MRI. I recently moved back to Canada so I have no real health care access to those doctors in NY. Just some local doctors in Vancouver, Canada, and possibly email or phone communication with the NY doctors.

Does anyone know what may be happening and what I should do?

Thank you sincerely,