Author Topic: Changes to environment post surgery to accommodate SSD while parenting?  (Read 922 times)


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I single parent an almost 4 year old. I'll have SSD post surgery in November. I'm wondering if there are things others have changed in their environment to accommodate the SSD.

For example, I think I may need to start using the noise activated baby monitor again at night. I worry if my good ear is to the pillow I may not hear him call for me. The monitor would turn on and maybe I'd see the light and maybe it would help to have the noise of the monitor closer to me. Everyone says if the good ear is to the pillow they can't hear anything. This is concerning to me.

I think I am going to put the car seat behind me so I can hear him while driving (right side will be the deaf side) instead of the passenger side.

Are there other things you've done as parents to help accommodate for SSD? Trying to be prepared in the weeks leading up to surgery.


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Re: Changes to environment post surgery to accommodate SSD while parenting?
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2017, 10:38:56 pm »
Loud baby monitor will likely do the trick, mother's instinct will help, you'll be surprised. Would he not be able to just come to you if you don't hear him call ?
My children were not yet born when I became SSD so they were raised from birth to make sure I hear .
I would move the car seat and see how it helps
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Re: Changes to environment post surgery to accommodate SSD while parenting?
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2017, 08:07:30 pm »
Here's my experience.  When I sleep with my good ear on the pillow, I do hear very little.  So a light sounds like a great idea to wake you.  I don't think you'll have a problem hearing him on either side in the back seat.  But certainly no harm moving him.  I honestly cannot tell the difference between SSD and two ears most of the time.  Except in a noisy room, or when someone is behind me and far away, or when my good ear is on the pillow.  Your precautions sound sensible, and you will figure out whatever comes up.
Best of luck,
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