Author Topic: Feeling like a hypochondriac...  (Read 662 times)


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Feeling like a hypochondriac...
« on: October 03, 2017, 10:43:01 am »
Hello everyone - this is not like me but I am tired of feeling like I am going crazy. Let me start off by saying, I have not been diagnosed with anything. I am incredibly frustrated and well, just plain worn out both emotionally and physically overall. Let me highlight a few things for those of you that I am hoping will give me some kind guidance or maybe share some of your stories!

I am a 33 year old female
   My father was diagnosed with an AN the size of a softball at the age of 34 (I was 3 weeks old); his father had one and his fathers
   mother died in the early 1920's from AN (crazy I know)
   I also have alopecia areata; same as my father (this sucks by the way)
   I have heard there have been no studies that show AN is hereditary outside of the rare gene
I am (well was) an avid crossfitter however I have taken a step back as I have been incredibly fatigued. As such, I thought I would try some type of hormone therapy to increase my testosterone to give me back some energy and drive. When I saw the hormone specialist (not an endocrinologist), he said I was a perfect candidate for inserts. I had my blood drawn and saw him a week later. The results were that I had high testosterone for a women (out of range actually).

While I am not 100% convinced I have AN I did want to share my symptoms ahead of my doctor apt on Friday (my family doctor) as I don't want to be blown off again.

Symptoms over the last 6-12 months include:
Dizzy spells - random times during the day, increasing to a few times a day vs. once or twice a week; not related to eating habits
Anxiety/depression - very irritable
intermittent deafness in my left ear, ringing at times, other strange noises at times (all random)
stiff neck (even when not working out)
tiredness/fatigue - feeling wiped out even if I take a slow day
Weight gain/fluctuation
high red blood count (RBC)
high hemoglobin and hyptocrite
high testosterone (no thyroid issues or other blood test issues)

I know this was lengthy, but I would interested in open discussion with anyone willing to discuss or tell me what you had as far as random symptoms.

THANK YOU for anything you have to offer me!