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communication issues at House
« on: August 23, 2017, 03:30:12 pm »
Has anyone had communication issues at House? 
After my first appointment, I had some additional questions, so I emailed them to the surgery counselor. She emailed back and said that she had sent my questions on to the doctor. 
After 3 weeks, I had not heard back so I emailed again.  She told me to try calling the nurses station and leaving a message.  I called and the nurse took all my personal information (name, date of birth etc.) and said the doctor would call back.  I missed the call, but it was a different doctor (who I did not know) and all he said was that if I had further questions I should call back.  Wait, what?!? Further questions?  I had not gotten answers to my original questions yet.  I called back and this time was not asked any personal information except for my name and number.  I never heard back.
This morning I got a call and an email from the surgery counselor saying that she saw that a doctor had called me and left a message.  I told her that I had returned the call, but did not hear back. She said that my doctor was in the office and he would call me in a few minutes and to not walk away from my phone.  That was 5 hours ago. 
I know that the doctors are busy, but it has been almost a month and I can't seem to get any answers.
Has anyone else experienced this?  Is this normal?  I'm tempted to start fresh at Keck.  I'm not even happy with the rescheduled date of my surgery (a whole different story) so maybe Keck could accommodate me.