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Written Support
« on: June 23, 2017, 09:36:33 am »
I've written a book about my AN journey. I hate calling it a journey, to me the word  ' journey' sounds fun ! After my diagnosis, I suffered a nervous breakdown. My story deals with my mental recovery as well as my recovery from 2 surgeries, a major skull infection,  regrowth and GK. Proceeds from my book will help benefit orphans in Sierra Leone, West Africa. You can find my book on Amazon, ' Be with me ' by Gloria Nailor. My hope is to somehow help others having a hard time. Thanks for your time.
4/2011 diagnosed with 3 cm AN on right side
6/15/2011 retrosigmoid craniotomy which resulted in SSD, severe facial paralysis
7/2011 gold weight placed right eye lid
5/2012 tarsorrpapny right eye
6/2012 woke up with a smile
1/2013 cranioplasty because a screw came out of my head!
6-7/13 regrowth, GK