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Fundraise with Team ANA! - March 2023
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What is TEAM ANA?  TEAM ANA members are acoustic neuroma fundraising volunteers raising funds and increasing awareness and education of acoustic neuroma while challenging themselves and encouraging others to set and reach meaningful personal goals or simply those who want to use their time and talent to increase funding for ANA programs.

Wondering why you should join TEAM ANA to raise funds for ANA?
It’s because you care. It feels good to give back to those who have helped you. ANA depends on supporters like you to raise awareness and funds to enhance current educational and support services and to establish future programming for those not yet diagnosed.

What kinds of things can I do to raise money?
•   Competitive Events – 5K, half marathon, marathon, IRONMAN
•   Individual Challenges – walks, fun runs, cycling, training, weight loss
•   Request donations in lieu of birthday, anniversary and other occasional gifts
•   Host one of many types of events: house party, cook-off, craft fair, local concert, bake sale, silent auction, art show, and more.
These are just a few examples of the types of events others have done in the past. Use your creativity and make it fun. The possibilities are unlimited.

How do I get started?
•   We recommend using as your online fundraiser.  Our platform gives you the flexibility to create any type of “fundraiser” you want and enables you to tie your fundraising page to your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. It also ensures that nearly 98% of your hard-earned donations support ANA.
•   Create your personal fundraising site in just a few minutes using our easy templates and access to AN information at your fingertips.  Tell your story by uploading information and pictures about yourself, and/or ANA and set a goal. Friends and family can donate directly from your page and will receive a confirmation email they can use for tax purposes.  The site allows for acknowledgement of donors and the ability to donate anonymously, if desired.
•   Socialize on Social Media.  Post a link to your fundraising page on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest pages.  Let people know why this cause is important to you. Continue to post updates as you train or get closer to your goal.
•   Follow up with emails. Sending a personal email to your friends and family is a way to tell them how ANA has helped you and so many others.  Additionally, it keeps them informed of your progress.
•   Thank those who donated to your cause. Whether it’s a $5, $10, $25 gift or more, thank them for their generous support.

Be a part of TEAM ANA TODAY. Visit

If you need further assistance, contact Matthew Balte at

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