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Proton Therapy - a caregiver perspective
« on: March 29, 2016, 10:49:35 am »
My spouse had treatment for his AN at Massachusetts General MGH Francis H. Burr Proton Therapy Center . It did not cause him any pain but it did require me  to do some herculean gymnastics to ensure that living affordably for 6 weeks in a distant city would be a feasible solution... all while my husband continued to work full time from a virtual offie we "created"...If any of you are considering Proton treatment for your spouse, please feel free to contact me and maybe I could be of some help. 

Another point:  Although proton beam treatment has allowed my hubby to have no side effects and this has been very good, I truly feel for those of you caregivers who have witnessed some extremely trying struggles for your spouse. My heart goes out to all of you.  ( I know firsthand about how tough it is to witness someone in pain as my own dad endured the chronic debilitating pain of a very bad disease during my entire life. ) I sincerely hope that my posts at this forum don't seem braggy and boastful about how my hubby fared well. When I have made any posts at the AN Forum it was a way to "give back" to the AN community. It was a way to give some hope to others about a good outcome.

Sending best wishes to all the AN "caregivers".

12/O6/2O12: 1.5 cm lesion.Proton Therapy-July/Aug, 2013 Massachusetts General Hospital. 2/23/2018 MRI: 1. Small .5 cm x(AP) x .8 cm (TV) x .8 cm (CC )left intracanicular acoustic schwannoma) Completely deaf in one ear. Occasional tinnitus. Zero side effects.