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Needing Advice and Support
« on: March 06, 2016, 11:05:48 pm »
My girlfriend was diagnosed with an AN in December and had her first surgery January 19th, she needed a second surgery to completely remove the tumor. Which was on February 2nd. Her AN was on her left side, 3 cm. The surgeon said everything was removed without damage to the facial nerve. They did remove her inner ear.
She has bad double vision, and although she seems strong, she has to use a walker, and when we go somewhere where she has to be up for longer, she needs a wheelchair. Her left side of her face is numb and right now is paralyzed. She also has random nerve pain, like shocks in her legs and arms.
The did have to put in a lumbar drain a few days after surgery, which seemed to set her back quite a bit, because before the lumbar drain they were going to send her home with only home therapy. After that they put her in intensive therapy, and now she is going to outpatient therapy twice a week.
She is very discouraged and depressed. We went from getting pre-approved to buy a home together to wondering if she can even go back to work.
I've read through some of your stories and have seen that there are a lot of folks with the same problems, that have fully recovered. My question is: Are we being impatient? Is this all a matter of time?
I would really appreciate some input.

Thank you.