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Jaqiday,  Look for an opthamologist or high level optomotrist (mine is connected with University of Illinois and runs a PROSE certified center) who specializes in dry eye.  I discovered that not all eye docs know about the new soft contact lenses and still hold to the "conventional wisdom" that soft contact lenses don't work for us.  Jill Marie and I are testimony that they most definitely can.  Mine have literally been a life changer for me.  Due to my tarrsohaphy, I am not a candidate for the Scleral lens.  Ihave to say, though, I'm glad that I wasn't.  My contacts are easy to use, comfortable all day and I didn't have to go through a big fitting process.

I suspect that all of us may not be candidates for the soft contacts either, which is why finding the correct doctor helps.  I also stumbled on another clue as to the best fit.  I had to go to a local optomitrist right after getting my contacts - I couldn't if my contact was still in.  She didn't know what an acoustic neuroma really was. A doc like that is not equipped to help us.  Not her fault, just not her specialty.  always ask interview type questions.
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