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info for newbies
« on: February 02, 2015, 02:14:48 pm »
Hi all, I know when you are first diagnosed you have jillion questions. I think this doctor does an excellent job of being succinct and clear in answering some questions.

And if you need some good news, I was diagnosed two years ago and went nuts doing research, I was consumed! And very stressed out. I visited 8 or 10 docs from coast to coast.  I finally chose GK with Dr. Lunsford at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. It was very easy (compared to brain surgery) , everyone was so good at their job and put me at ease (and gave me la-la drugs so I didn't even mind the head frame). That was 6 months ago on July 28, 2014. I am doing just fine! No wacky side effects, I just kind of feel like I did before only better because the stress of making a decision is gone. And I think the ringing is getting to be a little less. Before the GK I thought I would feel my eye twitch and my face get numb. That doesn't happen anymore. I took it easy for a few weeks after the GK just because I had a good excuse to take it easy. It gets better all the time, but there are admittedly some times that are better than others. I have my 6 month MRI next week and hopefully they will tell me the tumor is shrinking and dying and I can just go on with my life while it shrinks even more!

Good wishes to you all, I know what it is like but it DOES get better.
11/02/12  Diagnosed with AN  11mm X 5mm
05/29/13  MRI reports no change, stable
11/20/13  MRI reports 13mm X 7mm X5mm
5/20/14 MRI reports 14mm x 8 mm x 6 mm
7/29/14 GK at UPMC Lunsford. Now a Postie Toastie
1/14/15 Six Month MRI growth. 16mm X 8 mm
11/09/15  16 mm X 9 mm
9/15/16   17 mm x 11 mm x 8


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Re: info for newbies
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2015, 02:46:11 pm »
Thanks for the link and the report of your first hand results!
Diagnosed June 2014 1cm AN at 47 years of age.  Had fluctuating symptoms since 2006.    6 mos MRI (Dec 2014) showed no growth, MRI  in July 2015 showed no growth.  MRI Jan 2016 showed no growth.  MRI Aug 2016 showed no growth.  I'm gonna ride the WW train as long as I can.