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Re: Reason for decision
« Reply #15 on: October 10, 2006, 04:32:30 pm »
Unfortunately I cannot comment on Kaiser as a Neuro Nurse.  When I did Neuro, I was with Sutter General in Sacramento and Loma Linda University In Sothern Cal.  I am an administrator with Kaiser.
As for the team,  Having a neurosurgeon only do the job is what I am used too.  Adding the Neuro-otologist is an advantage for me.  I am more used to this being primary neurosurgery.  The rest of your team is the usual.  Sorry but I canot comment on your doc either.  Keep researching on this site and others.  I found mine mentioned, I'm sure you will find yours.
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Re: Reason for decision
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I was a Kaiser patient when I was diagnosed in 2001 and was sent to see Dr. Koral and Dr Nutik in redwood city. I didn't like either one and was fortunate my company also had a PPO plan so I opted out to seek out the best in class, not the best of kaiser. I don't know what size your AN is but if radiosurgery is an option for you then Kaiser will send people to Stanford for CK, but you have to push it. Nutik is a surgeon and that's all he understands or will discuss. Most AN procedures outside of Kaiser that I am familiar with use both a neuro and a Oto doctor ( UCSF and Stanford, which are both ranked in top 20 in neurosurgery and I've yet to see a kaiser facility so recognized). If you have to stay within kaiser for surgery, then Nutik is probably your guy, like it or not. I'm sure he is a very competent surgeon, but it might be good to ask him about his outcomes in terms of tumor regrowth, hearing and facial nerve preservation

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Re: Reason for decision
« Reply #17 on: November 10, 2006, 09:28:45 am »
Just thought I would add that I have decided to go with CK in Boulder Colorado.   May factors involved in the decision but I start on 12/21/06.

thanks for all of the input!!
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Re: Reason for decision
« Reply #18 on: November 10, 2006, 01:41:42 pm »

I believe you may have seen my comments on the CK Patient Support board as well.... and regardless of how decisions are reached, know (and remind yourself) that you are doing the best thing you can for you.

I did my decision making process here (publically) back in Feb of this year. I'm so glad I did it that way. People here shared a wealth of info with me... opinions, expertise, experiences, etc.  Regardless of who chose what for their treatments, the one thing I learned from many here.. and for those of us now "postie" that share with you... never, ever question a decision you make.... stick to your guns... and know you are doing the best possible thing for you.. making the best decision you can make for yourself with all the info you have....and the life you lead.

We're cheering you on... and know that around here.. it doesn't matter what form of treatment someone has, we are all AN'ers... and you know what... even though it seems scary at times... on a positive twist... we make one heck of a family and you don't have to clean your house to accommodate all of us for a holiday meal! :)

Hang in there!
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