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Re: AN Diagnosis Received Yesterday
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You owe it to yourself to go to BOTH clinics and check each one out. I live in San Francisco but I chose Stanford because of their experience and the number of cases Dr Chang and his team treats monthly/yearly. Dr Chang does both Cyberknife and surgery so I doubt he will be biased. I just completed my CyberKnife treatments on 3/21/2014 and could not be happier with how I was treated. UCSF is just a bus ride away from me and Stanford is about a 40 mile drive one way and after extensive online research and reading posts on this forum, I feel I made the right choice when I was in your shoes. Stanford was the birthplace of the CyberKnife. The guidelines at will tell you what questions to ask. Then read as many posts on this forum that you can, especially those describing post op effects patients experienced as a result of their treatment choice to help you decide the type of treatment is best for you. I chose CyberKnife because I value the quality of life as most important to me.
Diagnosed with 19x16x19mm cystic AN right side on 7/2013
MRI on 3/2014 showed AN increased to 21x20mm
right side 70% hearing loss, tinnitus, balance issues
CK at Stanford completed 3/21/2014 (3 sessions)
Dr Steven Chang and Dr Iris Gibbs