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Valium for MRI
« on: September 08, 2013, 03:33:17 pm »
Just wondered how much valium seemed to work the best for the MRI for someone who is closterfobic.. My last MRI they gave me 10mg valium and I just about didn't make it through it.  This one is suppose to take an 1 1/2 hours and I will have my head in a brace to keep it from moving.  Was wondering if anyone took 20mg. What seemed to help you through if you are extremely closterfobic.


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Re: Valium for MRI
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2013, 06:51:22 pm »

   Valium is a tri-phasic drug which means has active metabolites. The first to be metabolized very quickly is diazepam, then dimethyldiazepam, then oxazepam ( oxazepam metabolized quickly also ). Valium is loosly bound to brain receptor GABA ( not good ). It's an old drug and I don't feel the best for medical procedures. A 20 mg. hit at one time is double recommended dose.
   If I could choose, I'd ask for Ativan for this. It will wear off faster after the MRI, but while it is effective, is tightly bound ( a good thing ) to GABA receptors.
   I doubt your Dr. would care which one you wished to use.
   On the other hand, it is important to remember that sedation makes some people more nervous as they sense a loss of reality or control.
   I do 1.5 hours w/o meds each spinal MRI. No problems. I just close my eyes after a while. Maybe talk to the techs when the noise stops between slices and look in the mirror. You're fine ... Orient your position in the room before you go in the scanner. The first couple MRIs were more difficult for me also. You're fine and safe, you're fine, you're fine ... promise!


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Re: Valium for MRI
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2013, 08:28:44 pm »
Hi I know what you mean to be claustrophobic ,, I am not extremely bad but just don't like idea of tight place,, and the feeling of not being able to move or get out,, even though they will pull you out if you really need it,, they are watching and listening to you; however, it really is just a mind over matter situation ,,, you HAVE to make yourself believe you are alright.... Because you really are!

I take a different approach though when approaching room... I Purposely do not look at machine or anything in room as I go in for test,,,I do not want to see what I am going into ,,I lay down and close my eyes,, they have in the past even given me a cloth / washcloth type to put over me eyes to help keep them closed,, I NEVER open my eyes once in machine ,,,and I sing songs to "entertain" myself,,I have found out that there are different size "tubes" on different machines ,,, the first one I was in was very tight,,, very stressful!! Thankfully ,, my annual MRI, which is being done on the 25th,, is in a larger tube at the hospital ,, but bottom line is you really have to work hard to "convince " yourself that you ARE going to be ok,,, really!!!! They wouldn't put you in there if it was going to hurt you in any way or if you weren't going to fit  ::),,,I know it's hard,, and harder for some of us than others,,

Good luck,, to both of us,, as I approach my annual one too,,,WE CAN DO THIS,,, :),,, I will pray for you, if you will pray and think of me during yours!! And take whatever your Dr gives you or suggests may help you,, I too have taken Valium in the past, but only the 10 mg to help relax me,,,,it helped,,but I have had about a dozen of them since 2008 diagnosis ,,but still not very "enjoyable "!!!
Good luck,, Jane
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Re: Valium for MRI
« Reply #3 on: September 12, 2013, 08:09:36 pm »
I am claustrophobic and would never be able to make it through the MRI without the use of Ativan. It works well for me and  my Dr does give me a hefty dose. Sometimes the doctor will try different doses prior to the test to see how it works for you. 

I take the Ativan 40 minutes before I am scheduled for the MRI and I have no recollection of even walking into the room or getting into the machine.   I walk around and function but am so relaxed nothing bothers me. The doc says as long as you are not going to make any serious decisions and someone is watching you it is okay. Amnesia is an effect of Ativan. I have even gone out to lunch after the MRI and don't remember it at all the next day :)

Not remembering what they did that day would upset some people. I know I am with my husband and I am not going to drive or make any legal decisions. It gets me through that MRI without a problem.


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Re: Valium for MRI
« Reply #4 on: October 08, 2013, 05:39:10 pm »
I have never seen the inside of an MRI.  From the minute they start to slide me in I keep my eyes shut to the minute I am out of there. And while I am in there I think of all the most happiest moments in my life.  It works very well for me.  Hope this helps.

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