Author Topic: Macro adenoma, pituitary tumor, Dr Akagami  (Read 2404 times)


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Macro adenoma, pituitary tumor, Dr Akagami
« on: April 16, 2013, 06:09:12 am »
I am 25 and I have a macroadenoma pituitary tumor(2.3*1.4*2.7). I have done a surgery with Dr Heran, but he couldn't take the entire tumor(because he thought he removed it all but in fact he did remove only 1/3 of it).  So it was a horrible surgery a total failure, I totally regret that surgery, I wish I haven't done it. Now I have asked to refer me to Dr Akagamy, I wonder if someone has any comment about Dr Akagami to help me? Anyone with similar tumor?please share the result of your surgeries..Please,Please.
How about other surgeons? Who is the best?
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Re: Macro adenoma, pituitary tumor, Dr Akagami
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Hi Mina,

sorry to hear your problems. Since this is a site specializing in acoustic neuromas, we haven't heard a lot about pituitary tumors. From what I know these can be very tricky to remove.
Dr. Akagami is the best, if someone can do something about it it will be him. He has a long record of very successful outcomes. I had AN surgery with him, but I do know that he specializes in other types of skull base tumors, such at pituitary. You should definitely get a referral for a consultation with him. Do you live in BC? His waiting lists are quite long, but he prioritizes depending on urgency.

Good luck,
GK on April 23rd 2008 for 2.9 cm AN at Toronto Western Hospital. Subsequent MRIs showed darkening initially, then growth. Retrosigmoid surgery on April 26th, 2011 with Drs. Akagami and Westerberg at Vancouver General Hospital. Graduallly lost hearing after GK and now SSD but no other issues.