Author Topic: Need advice on treatments - 2.8 cm AN - radiosurgery vs microsurgery?  (Read 1645 times)


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Hello All,

I am new to the site and to the AN world. However, I have been doing my research!

I am a 36-year old male and have just been been diagnosed with an AN that is 2.8cm and has many cysts. I had the MRI done just this February and I am now deciding the right approach for me. I know it really comes down to what I am most comfortable in doing...Microsurgery vs. Radiation Treatments, but I wanted to get some opinions from all of you.

I have seen a Neurosurgeon and a Radiologist at the University of Wisconsin Hospital. The neurosurgeon recommended the Translabyrinthine Approach for microsurgery and the Radiologist suggested SRS of 28 treatments over 5.5 weeks.

What do you all think?
Have any of you dealt with a cyst filled AN?
Is there any difference with recovery time regarding a cyst filled vs. solid AN?
Is there any difference in Radiation Treatment for a cyst filled AN?
Is the re-growth rate different for a cyst filled AN?

Any and all thoughts would be much appreciated.

Thank You
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