Author Topic: Please Don't Miss Out on ANA Member Benefits!  (Read 14339 times)


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Please Don't Miss Out on ANA Member Benefits!
« on: February 13, 2019, 10:26:10 am »
ANA Discussion Forum Users,

We are glad you are finding this resource helpful. ANA offers benefits to our members that you will also find very valuable, including:

A subscription to our quarterly Notes newsletter, offering the latest medical information on acoustic neuroma, patient stories, volunteer opportunities and more

Access to the ANA Webinar Program, featuring medical professionals speaking on topics like current treatment trends, emotional and cognitive issues, acoustic neuroma research, balance, facial and eye issues, coping mechanisms, etc.

Access to the member section of the ANA website, which includes:
    Patient information booklets on AN-related topics
    Webinar Library – past presentations on multiple topics
    Newsletter Library – archived issues, both current and past
    Nationwide Network of Peer Mentors – contact and treatment information

Advance registration for ANA Patient Events, updates on AN news including research, upcoming events and important information and invitations to support group meetings, special events and other opportunities in your area

Membership in ANA is $45 for one year, or $80 for two years. If you are unable to pay for membership, you can request a one-year complimentary membership. Go to to sign up or call us at 770-205-8211 for assistance.

Thank you!

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