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T'ai Chi Chih
« on: November 17, 2010, 07:54:40 pm »
No it's not T'ai Chi.  You might remember that I asked you all about T'ai Chi, and most of you suggested I forget it, and do something fun. So I did!  I quit that class and am ordering a Wii + Fittness set!  I am looking forward to getting the Wii.

I still miss my friends at the group, though.  Today I found a website which describes a routine similar to T'ai Chi, only it is much easier.  It claims the same benefits. I'm ordering the video through Amazon. If my T'ai Chi teacher would consider this for some of the more more challenged in her group, I would happily go back.  Meanwhile I plan to follow this at home, along with my Wiii.  If you are interested, here are some web sites:                                      

I appreciate this forum so much.  It is excellent. --Kansas