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« on: October 24, 2010, 05:19:43 pm »
As you can see, I am a newbie, but I am a fanatic on the Forum.  I was getting ready today for a local ANA support group meeting. I thought I should brush my teeth before I left.  I thought I saw something move on my face when I tried to brush my teeth. (level 6 since my surgery in May, 2010).  I took my toothbrush out of my mouth and tried to see whatever I saw, again.  I could make my cheek and my lip move, my cheek more than my mouth!!  I have to concentrate on the area but they both move.  My wife and I checked my picture from a month ago and the difference is very evident.  I thought I would share this because the ANA Forum has been a life-send for me during the past 5 months.  I thought that others might find some hope in my e-mail.  I cannot stop looking at myself in the mirror, even for a small improvement.  Thanks to everyone, especially the "veterans" on the web-site.  I have kept a positive state of mind because of all of you and it looks like it might pay off.  I am trying to keep my enthusiasm in check since anything can change.
translab surgery of 2.6cm neuroma, right side, by Dr. Welling at Ohio State, 6-18-10.  BAHA base placed on same day.  Facial paralysis. Gold weight 7-14-10.


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Re: Yabadabadoo!
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2010, 05:22:18 pm »
It's a great feeling, isn't? Congrats on first movement! Here's to hoping lots of progress over the next weeks.

Bob the tumor: 4.4cm x 3.9cm x 4.1 cm.
Trans-Lab and Retro-sigmoid at MCV on 2/12/2010.

Removed 90-95% in a 32 hour surgery. Two weeks in ICU.  SSD Left.

BAHA implant 1/25/11.

28 Sessions of FSR @ MCV ended 2/9/12.


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Re: Yabadabadoo!
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2010, 07:56:05 pm »
Congratulations!    ;D  I trust those nerves will keep healing.
AN 1.4 cm x 1.7 cm x 1.0 cm
fair amount of hearing loss right ear
diagnosed 7/29/10

I'm a fun and reasonable RN, now living far from appropriate medical care. Feeling overwhelmed!


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Re: Yabadabadoo!
« Reply #3 on: October 25, 2010, 06:25:36 am »
Great news!  ;D
Diagnosed 12/16/2008
AN 2.4 X 2.0 X 1.6 CM
surgery performed on 1/27/2009 Mt. Sinai Hospital, NYC
Dr.Bederson & Dr. Smouha
9:30am thru 5:50pm


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Re: Yabadabadoo!
« Reply #4 on: October 25, 2010, 06:41:22 am »
14mmX11mmX11mm left ear
TRANSLAB 04/07/09 2cms at time of surgery
Dr. Benoit and Schramm, Ottawa Civic Campus
SSD ,some facial numbness
Baha surgery sept 22/09
residual tumor 13mmX7mmX8mm
2016 new growth.  25mmX21mmX22mm
cyberknife on June 7


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Re: Yabadabadoo!
« Reply #5 on: October 25, 2010, 08:36:22 am »
That is great news! And that is about 5 months post op, so I would imagine you will continue to see improvement.
Let us know how things progress! I can feel your excitement,-keep moving that face :)
06/06-Translab 3x2.5 vascular L AN- MAMC,Tacoma WA
Facial nerve cut,reanastomosed.Tarsorrhaphy
11/06. Gold weight,tarsorrhaphy reversed
01/08- nerve transposition-(12/7) UW Hospital, Seattle
5/13/10 Gracilis flap surgery UW for smile restoration :)
11/10/10 BAHA 2/23/11 brow lift/canthoplasty


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Re: Yabadabadoo!
« Reply #6 on: October 25, 2010, 09:36:21 am »
So excited for you.  You should continue to see substantial improvement!
Translab surgery 12/15/2008 followed by CSF leakage repair and 3 additional surgeries for MRSA of the brain (NOT typical) SSD,  facial and vocal cord paralysis, numerous reconstructive surgeries, Transear 12/2010


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Re: Yabadabadoo!
« Reply #7 on: October 25, 2010, 10:33:30 am »
Love to hear the encouraging news, cheers to more healing in the months to come!   :o
Left AN 2.5CM,retrosigmoid 11/2008, second surgery to repair CSF leak. 
Headaches began immediately.  Dr. Ducic occipital nerve resection, December 2011!!!!!

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Re: Yabadabadoo!
« Reply #8 on: October 25, 2010, 03:13:02 pm »
WHOO HOO  !!  Great news,  it's only a matter of time for more movement.  CONGRATULATIONS !!
Always good thoughts,  Nancy
2.2cm length x 1.7cm width x 1.3cm  depth
retrosigmoid 6/19/06
Gold weight 7/19/06, removed 3/07
lateral tarsel strip X3
T3 procedure 11/20/07
1.6 Gm platinum weight 7/10/08
lateral canthal sling 11/14/08
Jones tube insert right inner eye 2/27/09
right facial paralysis
good to go.

Jim Scott

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Re: Yabadabadoo!
« Reply #9 on: October 25, 2010, 03:39:50 pm »

4.5 cm AN diagnosed 5/06.  Retrosigmoid surgery 6/06.  Follow-up FSR completed 10/06.  Tumor shrinkage & necrosis noted on last MRI.  Life is good. 

Life is not the way it's supposed to be. It's the way it is.  The way we cope with it is what makes the difference.


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Re: Yabadabadoo!
« Reply #10 on: October 25, 2010, 06:40:28 pm »
CONGRATULATIONS!!!  That's how it starts-with a tiny movement.  It should continue to improve from there.  Keep taking the monthly pictures so you can see the changes over time. 
translab on 3.5+ cm tumor
September 6, 2005
Drs. Friedland and Meyer
Milwaukee, WI
left-side facial paralysis and numbness
TransEar for SSD