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Re: Losing Friends
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Carol Ann .....

Somehow I totally missed this thread last August when I was on a short hiatus from the forum.

I truly hope you are doing OK now.  Just adding to this that one quickly finds out who the true friends are in one's life during the events surrounding a serious illness.

Also, for anyone just picking up on this thread, someone on here recommended the book "Living Well with a Hidden Disability" by Stacy Taylor.  This book certainly applies to many of us who have no outward appearances of any physical difficulties, but who struggle daily with hearing, fatigue, balance, etc.  No one can fully understand what an impact it has on our lives, except for those of us who have had to deal with it.

I do have to agree with Jim that it is far better to say "Fine.  Thanks for asking." than to recite a laundry list of everything that is bothering us.  This goes for everyone, no matter what struggles they have.  Our true friends know, ask, and offer to help.  This forum is a group of caring, supportive friends who fully understand ...... vent to us here!

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