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Hearing Aid and Tinnitus Question
« on: March 31, 2006, 12:10:57 am »
Hi All  :D

I had my surgery in my left ear in July of 2005 (7mm). I had excellent hearing in both ears prior and lost my hearing in my AN ear as a result of my surgery as well.

I have tried and had hi hopes of a brand new aid from Sebotek - tiny digital aid that uses a seperate receiver and amplifier. My hearing loss is so complete that this aid would not work properly without feedback. When it did it was wondeful! If you can get it to work for you all my best.

As a result I am now trying out a device that is still quite small from Oticon model called Sumo. I am on my third week of trails and if they can't fine tune it better I will try something else. If they weren't so expensive this would be kinda of fun. They come in different colors etc. Everyone that sees it thinks it's a new blue tooth device for my phone!

I have experienced fluid and increased tinnitus when using the aids. In fact, the tinnitus increased 10X over it's normal levels after using the aid. Even today, giving myself a day off from testing the hearing aid the tinnitus is overwhelming. High pitched waterfall of noise or television static.

Let me know how things go for you. Wisdom and insights most appreciated.
Marcus  :-)
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AN 7mm disagnosed 3/16/05 left ear, Surgery - Stanford 7/13 - Dr Jackler and Dr Harsh - total hearing loss in left ear