Author Topic: "TENS" For Chronic Pain-Post Operative  (Read 3176 times)


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"TENS" For Chronic Pain-Post Operative
« on: April 25, 2005, 01:18:53 pm »
I am 34 months post op for a 1.8 AN on the left side. I lost the hearing on this side, have experienced balance problems and went through vestabular rehab with no real improvement. I use a cane when I leave the house. I have had chronic head pain since surgery and have tried numerous medications to include  Neurontin-4000mg day, Purcocet, Dilaudid, Tegrotol, Lodine, Oxycotin, Vallium, Topomax, Indomethacin, Darvocet and others. I tried a "TENS" (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) today and have two additional appointments this week. Has anyone had any improvement from this type of procedure? I have also had several "injections" over the past few years with only minimal sucess (60 hours). Is anyone else having chronic head pain on the AN side this long after surgery(retosigmoid)? My pain management doctor indicated that the percentage was high that the TENS Unit would increase the pain rather than reduce it. But I have to keep trying something. This is getting old. Thanks for listening.

Left AN Tumor 6/02/02 1.4 X 1.8


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Re: "TENS" For Chronic Pain-Post Operative
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2005, 09:41:56 pm »
Hi Chuck
  Yes; I have heard for some unfortunate few, the post op pain of sub-occiptital is very real indeed.
  Just a thought; Are they absolutely sure you don't have a slow Cerebral Spinal Fluid leakage? Some of these are hard to detect even with mylegram. Low spinal fluid pressure is an indicator and with your continued problems with HA, it would seem prudennt your NS or ENT have this checked.
  All the pain killers are not good!
  Just wondering if you have other bodily pain as trauma ( your surg. ) can sometimes trigger Fibromyalgia.
  Best wishes to you in this. I hope you are near a large enoufgh metro area that you might visit a pain clinic if it proves you have no CSF seepage.