Author Topic: April 3 will be my BAHA day!  (Read 4209 times)


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Re: April 3 will be my BAHA day!
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I am excited for you too!  I think BAHA will make an enormous difference to both of us and have a real impact in our day to day lives.  I'll be thinking about you on the 27th.  Please post and let us know how you like it and if you can, post pictures!

Phyl -- Thanks for your good wishes and congratulations on your upcoming third anniversary.  Even though I'm glad my BAHA day is a few days sooner, I almost wanted to wait until April 9 -- that will be the one year anniversary of my AN diagnosis.  Somehow it seemed like it would be very appropriate, however, when the doc said April 3 worked for him I didn't argue -- sooner is better!  I hope April 3 is a great day for both of us!

Sue - I'l be tininking about you on April 3 also.

1.3 cm at time of diagnosis -  April 9, 2008
2 cm at time of surgery
SSD right side translabyrinthine July 25, 2008
Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York, NY
Extremely grateful for the wonderful Dr. Choe & Dr. Chen
BAHA surgery 1/5/09
Doing great!